Why is My A/C Leaking?

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you if you notice water pooling around your air conditioner. Most people don’t expect the air conditioner to leak. It isn’t a swimming pool or a sink and doesn’t use water during its operation, after all. A/C leaks are more common than many people realize, generally the result of nothing more than condensation build-up. Only A/C units with evaporation coolers installed on them are free from the risk of leaks. If you notice there is a leak in the A/C unit, it is worth investigating further because you could have a problem on your hands. Check things out for yourself and if need be, place a call to an air conditioning yelm wa repairman to correct the issues causing A/C leaks.

Condensation & A/C Leaks

What is water cycle condensation, you ask? Your A/C unit removes heat from the air that is present in the home using a refrigerant that’s stored in the evaporator coil. Once the heat is removed, some of it evaporates and moisture is removed from the air. The moisture condenses on the evaporator coil but once its finished here, it drains into the drain line assembly into a drain pan where the assembly removes it out of the house.

The drain pan is an important component in any air conditioning unit. Dirty, clogged, cracked, or misaligned drain pans cause the water to leak out from around the air conditioning unit. This usually isn’t a big problem and can be easily resolved. Before you call a professional try adjusting the pan or cleaning it out first. More often than not this resolves the problem and you can begin using the A/C without problem. A replacement drain pan may also help correct the leak.

Ice, Ice Baby

If the issues don’t lie within the drain assembly system, melting ice could very well be the culprit. If ice forms of the evaporator coils, it is trouble that needs to be addressed by the pros at once. A dirty filter could be the cause of the problem since it restricts airflow. You can change the filter yourself in most cases. Refrigerant leaks may also cause ice formations on the evaporator coils.

Don’t continue using the air conditioner if there is a refrigerant leak or if you suspect that you have a leak. Using the A/C when there is a refrigerant leak will damage the compressor and with prolonged use, completely destroy the unit. Professionals can make a repair that prevents any discomfort in your home and that protects the unit from total destruction.

A/C leaks are common, so don’t panic if you notice that water is leaking from your unit. Hopefully it is nothing more than a minor problem with the drain pan that you can repair or replace yourself. However, don’t allow the problem to continue without taking action because such a decision could be costly in a multitude of ways.